2. Warriors, Pranayama Advanced Breathing Techniques, Ayurveda Session 1: Seasons


Let’s dive in!

This week we dive right into Advanced Asana: Warriors, Advanced Pranayama Techniques and Ayurveda Session 1.

Video Assignment:

For week 2, watch the following videos: 

  1. Advanced Asana Overview
  2. Revolved Triangle
  3. Revolved Side Angle
  4. Revolved Crescent Lunge
  5. Flying Warrior
  6. Advanced Pranayama
  7. Ayurveda Session 1


Watch the videos, complete your journaling assignment, complete the quizzes and make sure to read Ayurveda: The Science of Healing through page 51.  

Journal Assignment

  1. What asanas do you typically teach in class?
  2. Do you have a regular pranayama practice?
  3. What is your Ayurveda constitution?

Weekly Call:

In our weekly call, be ready to practice (asana and pranayama) and discuss Ayurveda. Who knows? You might get a surprise ” on the spot” teaching practicum too!  Be sure to email us in the week with any questions or topics you wish to reinforce on the weekly call.

with soul and power,
Cristal & Pooja