13. Anatomy Biomechanics


Welcome to week 12!  This week, we finish our discussion on Anatomy & Pranayama Subtle Body.

Wow! As we near graduation, take a minute just to appreciate everything you’ve accomplished!  How is that final assignment shaping up?

This week we discuss biomechanics (including contraindications, adaptations, etc) and we will complete our discussion on the subtle body by discussing koshas and prana vayu. We previously discussed nadis, chakras, klesas.

Begin by reading page 48-72 in the Anatomy and Asana book by Susi Hately.  Pages 73-86 can be read at your convenience but not a part of this week’s discussion.

Video Assignment:

For week 12, watch the following videos:

  1. Spine
  2. Shoulder Girdle
  3. Pelvic Girdle
  4. Biomechanics
  5. Adjustments


1. Please complete the Week 12 Biomechanics Quiz
2. Please complete the Week 12 Ayurveda Quiz


Journal Assignment

  • How have you adapted your practice over time?
  • What is one area you may have been forcing your body vs moving with natural range of motion?
  • Write to the hands on assignment explained at the end of Pelvic Girdle Video.

Anatomy Final Assignment – email to soulpoweryoga@gmail.com before our 12 week call
As we close out our Anatomy discussions, sit and reflect on the new awareness.  Review page 27-28 in your Anatomy book and first write to each of these 6 principles of physiology and if you have practiced to date with these principles in mind or not?  Now looking ahead, what are actionable changes you see in your practice?  What is impactful dialogue you will look to include in your class when teaching?

Ayurveda Final Assignment – email to soulpoweryoga@gmail.com before our week 13 call
Which dosha is your primary dosha?  What changes can you see yourself making in your daily routine to live more balanced?


Weekly Call:

We will be joined by a medical doctor to review Anatomy. We might squeeze in a meditation! Please make sure to have your journal, yoga mat, a couple of blocks and a pillow or blanket to sit on.


As always, if you have any questions, reach out anytime during the week.


With gratitude,
Cristal & Pooja